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Analytics – TV Tagging

This feature is available only with paid Kochava accounts. Contact us to learn more.

TV Tagging allows the tracking of events associated with the serving of advertisements through television. Once the TV advertisement data has been collected, the event data can be visualized within the Analytics dashboard. The TV Tagging data that can be visualized within Analytics includes the TV channel and name, area where the advertisement was served, the TV show name; genre; and episode title, as well as the product name for the advertisement being served.

Setting Up TV Tagging

  1. Determine the TV Brand Name.

    BEST PRACTICES: Ensure that the TV Brand Name that is provided to Kochava matches the brand name used to serve ad on each television station.


  3. Determine the TV Tagging Window.
  4. NOTE: The TV Tagging Window determines the time frame after the television advertisement has been served that the associated event data will be attributed to the advertisement.

  5. Contact your Kochava account management team with the TV Brand Name and TV Tagging Window to complete the setup process.

How TV Tagging Works

When TV Tagging has been set up within Kochava and a TV commercial airs within a designated marketing area, Kochava will ingest the commercial metadata and any associated event data within a specific window of time. The data associated with the TV commercial and any related events will be displayed within Analytics. Furthermore, the marketer has complete control over the time in which the associated TV commercial can be associated or “attributed” to an event. This configuration or “lookback window” can be set from 1 minute to 365 days.

TV Tagging Metrics

The following section defines the metrics available for tracking events associated to TV advertisements:

  • TV Brand Name — The name of the company running the television advertisement.
  • TV Channel — The numeric value of the television station on which the advertisement was served.
  • TV Channel Name — The name of the television station serving the advertisement.
  • TV DMA — The DMA (Designated Marketing Area) in which the television advertisement was served.
  • TV Episode Title — The title of the episode during which the advertisement was served.
  • TV Genre — The genre of the television program during which the advertisement was served.
  • TV Product Name — The name of the product which was served in the television advertisement.
  • TV Program Name — The name of the television program during which the advertisement was served.

TV Tagging in Analytics

TV Tagging event data is visualized on several Analytics pages through the use of the Group By, Split By or Dimensions menus. The following Analytics pages provide access to TV Tagging data:


A. TV Tagging Data


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