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Audience Manager

This feature is available only with paid Kochava accounts. Contact us to learn more.

The Audience Manger is powerful tool enabling the viewing, organization, exploration of segment status and activation of audience segments. Additionally, custom lookalike audiences can be generated from any of the segments in Audience Manager.

The Audience Manager is divided into three main sections. The search tools to locate specific audience segments. The audience segment section displays all of the audience segments that have been user created, activated, archived and the segments that are currently in process. And the third section is the detail section which provides an in-depth look into any highlighted audience segments.

Kochava Collective Interface

  1. Log in to Kochava.
  2. Click Kochava Collective.


    NOTE: By default, the Kochava Collective Overview UI (User Interface) is loaded.


  4. Select Audience Manager.

Audience Segment Search Tools

Audience Segments can be searched for by the use of any of the following:

  • Search By Name – Type part of or the entire name to locate a specific audience segment.
  • Sort – Audience segments can be organized by:
    • Created
    • Device Count
    • Name
    • Relevance
  • Type – Audience segments can be organized by:
    • All
    • Custom
    • Lookalike
    • Prepackaged
    • Upload
  • Status – Audience segments can be grouped by their current condition:
    • All
    • Archived
    • Processing
    • Activated
    • Ready
    • Failed
    • Failed-Activation


Audience Segment Section

The Audience Segment Section contains all of the audience segments that have been sent to the Audience Manager, activated with a partner or imported. An Audience Tools menu is provided to perform various tasks.


Audience Tools:

  • Audience Insights – Displays the settings for the selected audience segment.
  • Customize – Use the selected audience segment as a starting place to create a customized segment.
  • Activate with Partner – Activate the selected audience segment with a partner (e.g., Facebook, Snapchat).
  • Generate Lookalike – Create an audience segment with a partner which mirrors the selected audience segment.
  • Create Copy – Create an copy of the selected audience segment.
  • Rename – Update the user defined name of the audience segment.
  • Delete – Remove the selected audience segment from the Audience Manager.



Audience Segment Detail Section:

Once an Audience Segment has been selected the details of that segment will be displayed. The general information about the segment, as well as the number of devices within the segment will be shown. Depending on the status of the segment, an option will be present allowing the user to activate, archive or delete the segment. An Audience Tools menu is also present which matches the menu present within the Audience Segment section.


A. Selected Audience Segment
B. Audience Segment Details


Segment Data Display —

The following data can be displayed within the Audience Segment:

  • Apps of Device
  • Demographics
  • Interests and Behaviors
  • Points of Interest

NOTE: The Audience Tool menu is also available within the Audience Segment Detail Section.

Import an Audience

  1. Click Import an Audience.
  2. Enter an Audience Name.
  3. Enter a Description.
  4. Select an Import Method:
    • Click Browse, and locate the desired file.
    • Cut and Paste an S3 link into the provided field. Example:
  5. Click Import


    A. Select to import a CSV file or Enter an S3 link.


    CSV File Format:

    Field Description Req.
    device_id The device id for the device that installed the app. (IDFA or ADID). Yes
    device_type The Device ID type associated to the device ID (IDFA and ADID only). Yes

    Example File –



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