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Xamarin – Intelligent Consent Manager

How it Works

Design Considerations


Query the Kochava SDK:


Await Notifications from the Kochava SDK:

Enabling ICM


Checking Consent Status




Example (Checking the Consent Status):

Prompting for Consent


Example (Prompting for Consent):

Reporting Consent Results


Example (Reporting the Results of the Consent Prompt to the Kochava SDK):

Wrapping Consent Required Code


Example (Wrapping Consent-Sensative Logic in a Consent Check):

Other Functionality


Checking Consent Requirements:


Example (Checking Consent Required Status)


Checking Consent Granted Status:


Example (Checking Consent Granted Status)


Getting the Partner List:


Example (Getting the Partner List and Parsing It)


Checking if Consent is Ready:


Example (Checking if Consent Requirements are Known)

Kochava Tracker and Consent

Frequently Asked Questions


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