Analytics Revenue Per User

The Revenue Per User page provides visualizations of the revenue per user, total revenue and the number of active users. The graph may be moused over to display the revenue data associated with each day.

Analytics Interface


  1. Log in to Kochava.
  2. Select the desired app.
  3. Select App Tools>Analytics.


    NOTE: By default, the Analytics Overview Interface is loaded.

  5. From the Analytics drop down menu, Select Revenue Per User.

Analytics Page Tools

For more information on the tools available for this Analytic Page such as the date field, exporting device IDs, sharing the page and applying Cohorts and filters, refer to our Analytics Page Tools support documentation.

Revenue Per User Chart Overview

Active User totals are accounted for on the vertical axis and is represented by the blue bars.

Total User totals are accounted for on the vertical axis and is represented by the green bars.

Revenue Per User is accounted for on the vertical axis and is represented by the orange line.

NOTE: When leveraging Cross App functionality, RPU data for all apps within the App Name filter will be displayed. For more information about adding apps using the filter feature, refer to our Analytics Page Tools support documentation.



A. Data being displayed. Click to activate/deactivate
B. Total Revenue vertical axis
C. Active Users vertical axis
D. Revenue Per User vertical axis
E. Timeframe horizontal axis

Mousing over the Revenue Per User chart will display the data for the corresponding day. Each metric will be displayed in a color coordinated box over the selected day.



A. Mouseover date to display data

Refine Specific Date Range

Refine Date Range:

The data for a specific date range can be viewed in further detail.

  1. Click and hold on the start date.
  2. Drag to the end date and release.



A. Click, hold and drag over date range

The selected date range is now displayed. Specific data for each day within the refined date range can be viewed by mousing over the date.

NOTE: The date range can be refined down to two days.


Return to Full Graph:

In order to return to the full graph, Click Show all.



A. Mouseover to view date specific data
B. Click to return to original date range

Downloading the Daily Active Users Data

The data displayed within the Daily Active Users chart can be downloaded in several different formats.


Download Graphically:

Select the Download Button>Download Chart Image:

  • PNG
  • JPG
  • SVG
  • PDF


Download Chart Data:

Select the Download Button>Download Data:

  • CSV


Print Data:

Select the Download Button>Print.




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