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Create a FMP Reengagement Campaign

The following document defines the process for creating a Facebook FMP Reengagement Postback within Free App Analytics.


Data Needed Before Beginning Process:

  • Kochava Click Tracker ID from FMP install campaign.


NOTE: The Reengagement Campaign setup process for iOS and Android is similar and therefore this document will cover the setup for both operating systems, with specific differences noted.

Create a FMP Postback

  1. Log in to Free App Analytics.
  2. Select the desired Account.
  3. Select Apps & Assets > Partner Configuration.


  1. Click Add a Configuration.
  2. Select the FMP Media Partner.
  3. Click Go.
  4. Locate the desired reengagement event and Click Postback Tools () > Create.
  5. Enter the Facebook App ID. (obtained from Facebook)
  6. Enter the Click Tracker ID.
  7. NOTE: Not all FMPs require Click Tracker IDs if required, the Click Tracker ID is located within the original FMP Install campaign within Free App Analytics.

  8. Enter any FMP network specific data.
  9. NOTE: The data required by each FMP network will vary depending on the selected network. Contact the FMP to locate the network specific data needed for completing the postback.

  10. Select the Delivery Delay. (optional)
  11. Select the number of Retry Attempts. (optional)
  12. Select the Delivery Method > All.


Postback Settings


Last Modified: Nov 11, 2022 at 2:18 pm