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Create a Snapchat Reengagement Campaign

The following document defines the process for creating a Snapchat reengagment campaign.


BEST PRACTICES: If you plan to utilize the _Deeplink event for Snapchat reengagment campaigns, you will need to create a reengagment tracker and postback for this event. When creating the Snapchat postback you will need to select one of the Snapchat conversion events from the Event Name drop down, and we recommend selecting App Open as the Event Name in the postback configuration.

Create a Reengagement Tracker

NOTE: For Snapchat to receive post-install event information, a reengagement tracker must be created for the events you wish to pass to Snapchat. If attribution does not need to be tracked, ensure that the proper options are configured in the postback configuration for Snapchat.


BEST PRACTICES: If you do not wish for post install events to be claimed by Snapchat, be sure to exclude them from your bid strategy when configuring your conversion events in Snapchat.


  1. Log in to Free App Analytics.
  2. Select the desired Account and App.
  3. If not already created, create a new Snapchat campaign. For more information about creating campaigns, refer to our Create a Snapchat Campaign support documentation.

    BEST PRACTICES: In order to help with campaign organization, it is recommended that a segment be created for reengagement.


  5. Enter a unique Tracker Name.
  6. Select the Tracker Type > Reengagement.
  7. Select Media Partner > Snapchat.
  8. Select the Destination URL Type > Custom. (default setting)
  9. Enter a Deep Link. (optional)
  10. Enter any Custom Parameters. (optional)
  11. Add desired reengagement Event.
  12. Click Save if no additional trackers need to be created.
  13. Click Save & Add Another Tracker if additional trackers need to be created.
  14. Click Save & Create Postback. (To navigate directly to the Partner Configuration page).

Reengagement Tracker Settings

A. Campaign and Segment selection/creation section.
B. Click “+” to add a reengagement event.

Create a Reengagement Postback

BEST PRACTICES: Snapchat strongly suggests that marketers enable any and all post-install events which are being being tracked by Free App Analytics. Any event that is configured will send ‘All’ occurrences of the event to Snapchat.

BEST PRACTICES: Snapchat strongly suggests the instrumentation of post-install events to track sessions as well as ‘deeplink’ events.


  1. Select Apps & Assets > Partner Configuration.

    Partner Configuration


  3. Click Add a Configuration.
  4. Select Network Partner > Snapchat.
  5. Click Go.
  6. Locate the desired Post-Install Event, Click Postback Tools () > Edit.

    Edit Postback


  8. Enter the App Store App ID.
  9. Enter the Snap App ID (SnapKit App ID). (optional)
  10. Select the Event Name.
  11. NOTE: The Post-Install Event may be changed by selecting any of the available events within the Event Name drop-down window.

  12. Enter the Adquant Snap Ad Account ID. (optional)
  13. Enter the Webpals Mobile Snapchat Ad Account ID. (optional)
  14. Enter the Dsgner Media Snap Ad Account ID. (optional)
  15. Enter the Amobee Snap Ad Account ID. (optional)
  16. Enter the Sprinklr Snap Ad Account ID. (optional)
  17. Enter the Brand Networks Ad Account ID. (optional)
  18. Enter the Bidalgo Ad Account ID. (optional)
  19. Enter the 4C – iOS Ad Account ID. (optional)
  20. Enter the 4C – Android Ad Account ID. (optional)
  21. Select the Delivery Delay.
  22. Select the number of Retry Attempts.
  23. NOTE: If not already completed, review and accept the Snapchat Terms and Conditions. Postbacks will not be sent unless this has been completed.

  24. Select the Delivery Method.
  25. Click Save.

    Reengagement Postback Settings

    A. Post-Install Event may be changed using the Event Name drop-down menu.
    B. Terms and Conditions must be accepted.


Last Modified: Dec 22, 2023 at 10:45 am