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Creating and Editing SmartLinks™

This feature is available only with paid Kochava accounts. Contact us to learn more.

Feature Summary: The following document defines the process for creating and editing App Groups and SmartLinks™ within Kochava. SmartLinks™ are URLs that send users to predefined destinations based on device platform, OS (Operating System) version, location, and a variety of other defined targeting criteria.

CAUTION: Minimum SDK Versions — Android Native 3.7.0, iOS Native 3.12 for attributing with a Universal/App Link.


Important Changes to Reporting/Query/Analytics/Campaign Manager:

Campaign Segment Tracker
SmartLinks Created Prior to Deployment Before SmartLink Name Not User Configured Destination Name (tracker)
After Old App Group Name SmartLink Name Destination Name (tracker)
SmartLinks Created After Deployment After User Creates/Chooses one when they create the SmartLink. SmartLink Name Tracker Name (destination name will be renamed to tracker name in SmartLink creation form)


Use Cases for SmartLink™ Creation:

A SmartLink™ enables Kochava users to perform tasks such as:

  • Create a single link for off-network marketing (email, SMS, company website, social) enabling customers from different mobile platforms to reach the correct app store or download destination.
  • Use a single link to redirect customers to geo-specific app stores.
  • Create device OS version conditions to offer users the best experience for their device.
  • Monitor performance of Campaigns utilizing SmartLinks™.


NOTE: The following instructions provide the procedures for creating a basic SmartLink™ for two apps of different operating systems (i.e., iOS and Android).

NOTE: Amazon devices will be redirected to the Google Play Store when an Amazon App is added to a Smartlink™ App Group. For more information, contact your Client Success Managers.

NOTE: Windows devices will be redirected to the Catch-All Destination URL when a Windows App is added to a Smartlink™ App Group. For more information, contact your Client Success Managers.

NOTE: At this time, SmartLink™ does not support BlackBerry due to the fact that the BlackBerry user agent cannot be parsed. For more information, contact your Client Success Managers.

  1. If not previously setup, create an app. For more information on creating an app, refer to Create/Edit Apps.

NOTE: An app must be created within Kochava for each app that will be associated with the SmartLink™.

App Group User Interface

  1. Log in to Kochava.
  2. Select the desired Account.
  3. Select Apps & Assets > App Groups.

App Group Location and Organization Tools

App Groups can be easily located by utilizing the search and organization tools.


Live Search Tools:

App Groups can be located using the live search tool by typing part of all of the name of the app group.


App Group Organization:

App Groups can be organized by using one of the following:


Sort –

  • Created (Newest)
  • Created (Oldest)
  • Name (A-Z)
  • Name (Z-A)
  • SmartLink Count (Asc)
  • SmartLink Count (Desc)
  • App Count (Asc)
  • App Count (Desc)

Creating an App Group

  1. Click Add an App Group.
  2. Enter a unique App Group Name.
  3. Select at least two (2) apps from the drop-down lists.
  4. NOTE: More than two (2) apps may be selected, for more information on using SmartLinks™ for more than two apps contact your Client Success Managers.

  5. Click Submit.


A. Select Apps to Group

Create a SmartLink™

  1. Click Add a SmartLink.


  3. Enter a unique SmartLink™ Name.
  4. Select an App Group.
  5. Select a Campaign.
  6. NOTE: If Create New is selected, enter a unique campaign name.

  7. Select a Media Partner. (optional)
  8. Select an Agency Partner. (optional)
  9. Select the Ad Pricing Model:
    • CPI
    • CPC
    • CPM
    • CPA
    • CPC/CPI
    • CPM/CPI
    • Hardcode Cost > Enter a Price manually


    A. Check to enter price manually.


    All Other Platforms (Catch-all):

    1. Enter a Destination.
    2. Enter a Target App for tracking.
    3. Add a Custom Parameter. (optional)


  10. Click Save.

    A. Click to add a Custom Parameter.
    B. Enter Custom Parameter.

Locating SmartLink™ Click and Impression URLs

Once a SmartLink™ has been created, the associated Click and Impression URLs can be easily located from the main SmartLinks™ page.

  1. Click on the desired SmartLink™.
  2. The associated SmartLink™ URLs will be displayed in the detail card.
  3. Click Copy URL to copy the URL to your local clipboard.

    A. Click on desired SmartLink™.
    B. Click to copy associated SmartLink™ URL.

Editing a SmartLink™

NOTE: If not already on the SmartLinks™ page, navigate to the Links > SmartLinks™ page.

  1. Log in to Kochava.
  2. Select the desired Account.
  3. Select Links > SmartLinks™.

  5. Locate and Click on the desired SmartLink™.
  6. Click the SmartLink™ Tools menu () > Edit.


  8. Update the desired settings.
  9. Click Save.

Tracking SmartLinks™

Once a SmartLink™ has been created, a tracker for the SmartLink™ and All Other Platforms (Catch-all) will be created, and those trackers can be easily viewed through the Campaign Manager.


  1. Locate and Click on the desired SmartLink™.
  2. At the bottom of the SmartLink™ detail card, Click the SmartLink™ Detail Chevron.
  3. Click on the Jump to Campaign.
  4. NOTE: The All Other Platforms (Catch-all) tracker will be located in the SmartLink™ App for Targeting (i.e., Android or iOS).


    A. Click to Expand.
    B. Click to be taken to the associated campaign.

    NOTE: Clicking on the Jump to Campaign button will navigate you to the SmartLink™ campaign located within the associated app.

    NOTE: The “Catch-all” tracker will be located with the Target App (For Tracking) tracker.


    A. SmartLink Tracker
    B. Catch-All Tracker


  5. Click the SmartLink™ Tracker expand button.

NOTE: By expanding the SmartLink™ Tracker, data such as Impressions, Clicks, Click Rate, Conversions and CV Rate are displayed.

NOTE: By selecting Tracker Tools > Edit SmartLink, the UI will be redirected to the SmarkLink edit page.

NOTE: By clicking on Jump to SmartLink will navigate you to the associated SmartLink™.



NOTE: By expanding the Default Destination “Catch-All” tracker, data such as Impressions, Clicks, Click Rate, Conversions and CV Rate will be displayed.

NOTE: The trackers associated with a SmartLink™ are not editable. Any changes that are required, need to be made at within the SmarkLink interface


Last Modified: Feb 21, 2020 at 11:15 am