App Overview

Feature Summary: The App Overview page provides a single location to view app metrics such as Clicks and Impressions, as well as an overview of the Network Performance associated with the app. The app overview chart can be downloaded in several different forms and specific network metrics may be further expanded using the quick-link to Analytics Explorer.

NOTE: When an account only has one app set up, Kochava will automatically select the app.

NOTE: The All Apps page provides an Analytics icon allowing the user to easily navigate to the Analytics Overview page for that specific app.

App Overview Interface

  1. Log in to Free App Analytics.
  2. Select the desired Account and App.
  3. Select App Tools () > App Overview.

    App Overview Interface


Setting Data Duration:

NOTE: By default, the data displayed in the App Overview page is set to seven days.

  1. Click the Data Duration drop-down menu.
  2. Select the desired Duration:
    1. 7 Days (default)
    2. 14 Days
    3. 30 Days


    Setting Data Duration

App Overview Chart

The App Overview chart is a representation of the Impressions, Clicks, Attributed Installs, Unattributed Installs, Reengagements, Events and Conversion Rate (CVR) associated to the app within the selected data duration.

NOTE: By default, the overview chart only displays Impressions, Clicks, Attributed Installs, Reengagement and CVR. Clicking on metrics will display or hide metrics within the chart.

The app overview chart is responsive to the metrics and data duration selected; mousing over the chart displays metric specific data. The vertical axis is color coded for easy identification and displays each metric’s volume. The horizontal axis represents the data duration selected.


App Overview Chart

A. Vertical Axis displaying metric data.
B. Mouse Over to display data.

While mousing over the interactive chart Click, Hold and Drag to refine the date range.


Date Refine


Click Show all to return to the full data duration.


Show All

A. Refined date range.

Downloading the App Overview Chart Data

The data displayed within the App Overview chart can be downloaded in the following formats:


Download Graphically:

Click the Download Button > Select Download Chart Image > Select a file format:
  • PNG
  • JPG
  • SVG
  • PDF


Download Data:

Click the Download Button > Select Download Data > Select CSV.


Print Data:

Click the Download Button > Select Print.


Downloading Chart Data

Network Performance

The Network Performance section displays the Impression, Click, Install, Reengagement, Event and CVR data associated with each network. The data within the Network Performance section can be organized order by any of the metrics in ascending or descending order by clicking on the metric. Network performance can be further expanded in Analytics Explorer by mousing over the desired network and clicking on the binocular icon.


Network Performance

A. Click to organize data by metric in ascending or descending order.
B. Click or view network data in Analytics Explorer.


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