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Locating an App GUID

The following document defines the process for locating an App GUID within Free App Analytics.

NOTE: There are several different methods for locating an App GUID; every location where the App GUID is displayed is identical. Obtaining the App GUID using either of the following methods is acceptable and will provide the same App GUID.

NOTE: The App ID is a internal number that is used only within Free App Analytics.

The App Overview Interface

  1. Log in to Free App Analytics.
  2. Select the desired Account.
  3. Select Apps & Assets > All Apps.


  1. Locate and Click on the desire App.

    App Overview Interface

    A. The App GUID is located under the title of the App and within the detail section.

  3. Copy and Retain the App GUID.

The Edit App Interface

  1. Log in to Free App Analytics.
  2. Locate the desired app, Select App Tools () > Edit App.

    Edit App Interface


  4. Copy and Retain the App GUID.

    Edit App Page


    NOTE: The App GUID needs to be used where a unique ID for the app is required such as during SDK integration. The App ID is an internal ID within Free App Analytics only, and should not be used.


Last Modified: Dec 6, 2022 at 10:57 am