SKAd Network Integration

The following document describes the steps necessary to facilitate SKAdNetwork data ingestion to a custom whitelabeled endpoint. The SKAdNetwork signals will be aggregated and can be made available as summary reports to your Advertising partners via their MMPs. Doing so allows your Advertising partners to retain a holistic view of their marketing efforts.

Integration Steps

  1. Choose your subdomain — This will be your unique and secure repository of your SKAdNetwork conversion data.
  2. You will be provided a postback endpoint for sending SKAdNetwork data: {yoursubdomain}

  3. Send SKAdNetwork data to your custom postback endpoint.
  4. Option 1: Recommended — Have SKAdNetwork data sent directly from SKAdNetwork. Use the provided postback URL as the conversion postback destination when registering with SKAdNetwork. The attribution signature will be used to validate the postback with Apple and the transaction-id will be used for deduplication.

    NOTE: Upon registering with SKAdNetwork, you will receive an email from Apple requesting a URL to send conversion postbacks to. This is the URL you should supply.

    Option 2: If you are ingesting the data directly from SKAd into your internal systems, you can forward those signals to the postback endpoint (provided above, step 1) using the below format. The attribution signature will be used to validate the postback with Apple and the transaction-id will be used for deduplication.


    Required Fields for Option 2:

    Name Description Type
    version The SKAdNetwork API version. String
    ad-network-id Your SKAdNetwork Identifier. String
    campaign-id SKAdNetwork Campaign ID. Integer
    transaction-id Unique ID for deduplication. String
    app-id The Advertiser app ID in iTunes. Integer
    attribution-signature SKAdNetwork signature as specified by Apple. Used for postback validation. String
    redownload A boolean flag that indicates if the customer reinstalled the app. Integer ( 0 or 1 )
    source-app-id The Publisher app ID in Itunes. Integer
    conversion-value Unsigned 6-bit value that the installed app provided. The conversion-value appears only if the installed app provides it, and if providing the parameter meets Apple’s privacy threshold. A value between 0-63. Unsigned Integer


    Postback Ingestion:

    HTTP Post Request —

    Content-Type: application/json
    Accept: application/json








    HTTP Get Request —

    {yoursubdomain}{string}&ad-network-id={string}&campaign-id={integer}&transaction-id={string}&app-id={integer}&attribution-signature={string}&redownload={integer}&source-app-id={integer}&conversion-value={unsigned integer}




  5. Confirm the details above with and we’ll get to work establishing your domain. As soon as it’s complete we’ll confirm once it’s ready to receive data.

SKAdNetwork Reporting API

A separate, reporting-focused spec will be provided pending potential changes introduced by Apple during the beta. The document will outline how to make SKAdNetwork data available to MMPs, who can in turn make it available to advertisers.

Measurement, Attribution, Redaction and Syndication(MARS)(Recommended)

Free App Analytics has built a SaaS solution for facilitating real-time click/impression tracking and attribution, called MARS. This solution sits outside and independent of Free App Analytics’ MMP services, and allows for integration with any party granted access as a self-attributing platform with configurable lookback windows and attribution rules, including cross-device attribution.

If you are interested in utilizing MARS in conjunction with SKAdNetwork support, please contact us to learn more.


Last Modified: Sep 9, 2020 at 8:59 am