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Create an Apple Search Ads Campaign

ATTENTION: The issue affecting the Search Ads Attribution API has been resolved as of July 9, 2018, with iOS 11.4.1 release. Search Ads driven conversions will begin to attribute as expected as users adopt this latest iOS version. Data will continue to be unreported for devices running iOS 11.3 All requests will be returned with “iad-attribution” = “false”.


Feature Summary: The following document defines the process for creating an Apple Search Ads campaign within Free App Analytics. Apple Search Ads is a mobile advertising platform which allows advertisements to be embedded into Apple products such as iPhones, iPods and iPads.


NOTE: Apple Search Ads was formerly called iAd.

NOTE: Apple Search Ads Campaigns are available for iOS apps only, no Postback is required and a tracking URL does not need to be provided to Apple Search Ads.


Data Needed Before Beginning Process:

  • Kochava SDK must be implemented.
  • SDK Version 20160720 or later must be implemented within the app. (Recommended)
  • NOTE: Apple Search Ads may also be utilized with a Server-to-Server integration. For more information refer to our Install Notification Setup support documentation.


Use Cases for Apple Search Ads Campaign:

  • An app marketing campaign with Apple Search Ads has been created.

Create an Apple Search Ads Campaign

  1. Log in to Free App Analytics.
  2. Select the desired Account and App.
  3. Select Apps & Assets > Campaign Manager.


  5. Click Add a Tracker or Select Segment Tools () > Add a Tracker.
    1. Select the Campaign.
    2. Select the Segment.

    NOTE: In order to streamline the Campaign/Segment/Tracker creation process a feature has been added to allow the creation of campaigns and segments while creating a new tracker. For more information about creating a campaign or segment while adding a new tracker, refer to our Create an Install Campaign support document. support documentation.



  6. Enter a unique Tracker Name.
  7. Select the Tracker Type > Acquisition.
  8. NOTE: By default the Tracker Type is set to Aquisition.

  9. Select Media Partner > Apple Search Ads.
  10. Select Pricing. (optional)
  11. Click Save. (If no further trackers need to be created)
  12. Click Save & Add Another Tracker. (If additional trackers need to be created).


A. Campaign and Segment selection/creation section.


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