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Install Feed Validation

The Install Feed Validation document provides a single location to view the integration status for an app. The data for the last install Free App Analytics has received is presented, as well as list of the networks and their associated supported features.

SDK Integration Details

The SDK Integration Details section provides data on the last install Kochava has received for the selected app. The following information is provided:

NOTE: The information displayed in the SDK Integration Details section may vary depending on the information sent to Kochava.


Field Description
ALT_Device_ID The Alternative Device ID.
APP_Limit_Tracking Whether App Limit Ad Tracking is enabled on the app.
APP_Version The version of the app installed on the device.
Control_Server The Kochava server that received the Install data from the SDK.
Device_ID_Type The device ID type that was sent to Kochava upon install.
Device_ID The unique device ID assigned by Kochava upon install.
Device_Limit_Tracking Whether Device Limit Tracking is enabled on the device.
Device_Model The Model of the device which performed the install.
Device_UA The device user agent sent to Kochava upon install.
Device_Ver The device version sent to Kochava upon install.
Device The device which performed the install.
In_Time The installation time in Unix time.
Inboarder The Kochava Inboarder which received the install.
Install_Referrer_Install_Begin_Time The time in Unix time when the Install Referrer tracking began.
Install_Referrer_Referrer_Click_Time The Unix timestamp when a user clicked on the referring link.
Install_Referrer_Referrer The contents of install referrer.
Install_Referrer_Status The collection status of the referrer. If an error occurs, the details will be contained in this field.
Installed_Date The date in Unix time the install occurred.
Matched_By The device ID by which attribution was matched by.
NT_ID The unique Network Transaction ID received on the install.
Origination_IP The IP address of the device when the app was installed.
Price_Type The user defined price per install
Receipt_Status Whether Kochava received an install receipt or not.
Reconciliation_Request_Click The unique ID sent to Kochava during the request for reconciliation.
Reconciliation_Request_IMP The unique ID associated with the reconciliation request impression.
SDK_Version The SDK version installed in the app upon installation.
UTM_Medium The Urchin Tracking Module means to which the user downloaded the app.
UTM_Source The Urchin Tracking Module source for the install.


SDK Integration

Network Compatibility Chart

This section provides a list of networks with their associated Click Attribution Methods and Supported Features.


Network Compatibility Chart


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