Media Guide

Feature Summary: The Free App Analytics Media Guide is a one-stop shop to research mobile marketing partners from supply-side platforms to boutique publishers. The following document provides an overview of the Free App Analytics Media Guide.


Use Cases for Using the Media Guide:

  • A search needs to be conducted for a network with a specific capability.
  • The capabilities of multiple networks need to be compared side by side.
  • A network/publisher which is fully integrated with Free App Analytics needs to be located.

The Media Guide Interface

  1. Log in to Free App Analytics.
  2. Select the desired Account and App.
  3. Select Planning > Media Guide.

Description of Badges

Networks within Media Guide are organized alphabetically by badge. Four levels of badges exist within Media guide. They are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Badges indicate the depth to which each network is integrated with Free App Analytics, providing a quick and easy way for marketers to identify the right network with the highest integration. Each sequential badge incorporates all of the qualifications of the previous badge, as well as adding additional integration features.



Marketers interested in basic click tracking and install postbacks can effectively run with these networks.



Marketers interested in running reengagement campaigns can effectively run with these networks. Silver networks at this level of integration may also be integrated to support Traffic Verification rules on their postbacks.



Marketers interested in tracking impressions can effectively run with these networks. Gold networks may also offer cost data.



Marketers that want to run with fully integrated partners that can also support audience activation can effectively run with these media partners.

NOTE: No badge classification indicates that the network does not support install postbacks.


  • Clicks
  • Install Postbacks

  • Bronze
  • Event Postbacks
  • Traffic Verifier

  • Silver
  • Impressions
  • Campaign Costs

  • Gold
  • Kochava Collective

The Media Guide Interface Overview

Live Search Feature:

The Live Search feature allows quick and efficient searches to be performed through the large collection of Media Partners contained within the Media Guide.


Filter By Feature:

The Filter By feature allows Media Partners to be sorted by geography, channel, type or pricing. Select Filter By and add values by clicking on the “+”, remove values by clicking on the “X”.


A. Enter Marketers name (part of whole) to search.
B. Select Filters to refine Marketers.


Media Partner Details:

Information regarding each Media Partner can be viewed by clicking on the expand button or clicking on the Network Name. The following information is available:

NOTE: The details available for each Media Partner may vary. For more information about a specific Media Partner, Select the Contacts tab and contact a representative.



This section provides the features offered by the Media Partner including key differentiators, pricing models and minimum spend.



This section provides basic information about the Media Partner including company location, company size and year founded.



This section provides contact information for the Media Partner.



This section provides examples of the creative assets available through the Media Partner.


Ad Specs:

Provides detailed specification on the various ad units, size and format available through the Media Partner.



This section provides documentation associated with the Media Partner. The files available in this section will vary depending on the Media Partner, but examples of invoices and marketing material may be present.


User Acquisition:

This section provides a detailed view of User Acquisition broken down by operating system and country. Information in this section includes average cost, average CPI and mobile video average price.


Network Data:

This section provides the Media Partner’s network geographic breakdown, device ratio, social followers, monthly impression totals and demographics.



This section provides a list of Media Partners who have similar service as the selected Media Partner.



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