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Campaign Management

Campaign setup is a vital aspect of any successful integration with Free App Analytics . With the largest selection of official network and publisher integrations in the industry, Free App Analytics customers have comprehensive support for every type of campaign run across platforms and integration types.

NOTE: Free App Analytics accounts will only have access to run campaigns with Self-Attributing Networks (for example, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, etc.). The full list of SANs you can run campaigns with will be included in the dropdown in your Kochava dashboard. You will need an upgraded account in order to run campaigns with non-SAN partners.

Getting Started

10 Minute Guide to Your 1st Campaign
Create an Install Campaign
Create a Reengagement Campaign
Create a Kochava-Certified Postback
Create a Custom Postback
Post-Install Event Creation and Configuration
Create a View-Through Campaign
Default Reconciliation Settings
Partner Reconciliation Settings

Network Specific Instructions

Create a Facebook Campaign

Facebook FMP Naming Conventions
Create a FMP Reengagement Campaign
Facebook Web Tracking

Create a Twitter Campaign

Twitter Partner Naming Conventions
Create a Twitter Reengagement Campaign

Google Ads
Marketing Platform – DV360 & CM360

Google DoubleClick Integration
Google Tag Manger Integration
Google Reengagement Campaign
Create a Snapchat Campaign

Create a Snapchat Reengagement Campaign
Create a Snapchat Partner Campaign

Create an Apple Search Ads Campaign
Create a Yahoo! Campaign
Yahoo! Partner Naming Conventions
Create an Instagram or Instagram FMP Campaign
Create a Vizio Campaign
Create a Roku OneView Campaign
Create a Spotify SAN Campaign
Create a TikTok for Business Campaign
Create a Petal Ads Campaign

Advanced Network Features

Create a Deep Link
Traffic Verifier
Create a Total LTV Campaign

Ad Revenue Integration

Smart App Banner Management
Create a Private Network
Create a Web Conversion Tracking Campaign
Create a Pre-Loaded App Campaign
Tracker Override Settings


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