Yahoo! Naming Conventions

As a Free App Analytics customer you have the opportunity to work with a variety of Yahoo! Partners and track each of these campaigns individually within Free App Analytics.

NOTE: If a tracker is not properly setup for each Yahoo! Partner, attribution data will be sent to the Yahoo! tracker.

Yahoo! Naming Conventions

The following is a list of the proper naming conventions to be used in the ‘advertiser_name’ field during setup within Yahoo!.


Yahoo! Naming Convention
Yahoo! — Acquisio acquisiogemini
Yahoo! — AdLucent adlucentgemini
Yahoo! — Adobe adobegemini
Yahoo! — AdParlor adparlorgemini
Yahoo! — CDKGlobal cdkglobalgemini
Yahoo! — ChannelAdvisor channeladvisorgemini
Yahoo! — CommerceHub commercehubgemini
Yahoo! — Criteo criteogemini
Yahoo! — dealercomgemini
Yahoo! — DexMedia dexmediagemini
Yahoo! — Didit diditgemini
Yahoo! — DoubleClick doubleclickgemini
Yahoo! — eSearchVision esearchvisiongemini
Yahoo! — Felix felixgemini
Yahoo! — Fiksu fiksugemini
Yahoo! — G5SearchMarketing g5searchmarketinggemini
Yahoo! — GeniusMonkey geniusmonkeygemini
Yahoo! — Hibu hibugemini
Yahoo! — IgnitionOne ignitiononegemini
Yahoo! — Impaqt impaqtgemini
Yahoo! — Imwave imwavegemini
Yahoo! — Kenshoo kenshoogemini
Yahoo! — LBN lbdgemini
Yahoo! — Leadqual leadqualgemini
Yahoo! — Marin maringemini
Yahoo! — PulsePoint pulsepointgemini
Yahoo! — Reachlocal reachlocalgemini
Yahoo! — RKG rkggemini
Yahoo! — SAYA sayagemini
Yahoo! — SeachForce searchforcegemini
Yahoo! — Sprinklr sprinklrgemini
Yahoo! — TellApart tellapartgemini
Yahoo! — Vizergy vizerfygemini
Yahoo! — webcomgemini
Yahoo! — wwwlocalcomgemini
Yahoo! — Yext yextgemini
Yahoo! — YP ypgemini
Yahoo! — Zemanta zenmantagemini


Last Modified: Nov 15, 2022 at 10:51 am