Analytics Cost & ROI

The Cost & ROI page provides a detailed view of total cost, click cost, install cost, ROI or total revenue for the selected app. Further refinement is provided through the use of the split by and interval drop-down menus.

NOTE: The Cost & ROI will display the top 50 results. For a complete list of Cost & ROI, refer to the Analytics Explorer Tool.

NOTE: Advertisers must update tracking URLs before going live with campaigns that will include cost collection and aggregation.

Analytics Interface

  1. Log in to Free App Analytics.
  2. Select the desired Account and App.
  3. Select Analytics > Cost & ROI.

Analytics Page Tools

For more information on the tools available for this Analytic Page such as the date field, exporting device IDs, sharing the page and applying Cohorts and filters, refer to our Analytics Page Tools support documentation.

Cost & ROI Chart

The Cost & ROI chart provides a graphic display of the Total Cost, Click Cost, Install Cost, ROI or Total Revenue. The chart is divided into three main sections which are the split by filtering, the graphic display of cost & ROI, and the totals for the selected timeframe.

NOTE: By default the Cost & ROI chart displays the Total Cost data split by Network Name.

NOTE: When leveraging Cross App functionality, Cost data for all apps within the App Name filter will be displayed within selected cost data. Cost data may be displayed for each app by utilizing the split by feature. For more information on viewing cost data by app, refer to the Cost & ROI Organization section. For more information about adding apps using the filter feature, refer to our Analytics Page Tools support documentation.

Mousing over any metric within the graphic display will visualize the data associated with the corresponding day/week.


A. Split By filtering section
B. Graphical Display of Cost & ROI
C. Totals
D. Mouseover Data

Cost & ROI Selection

The Cost & ROI page can display multiple cost and revenue metrics.

  1. Select the Show drop-down menu, Select one of the following:
    1. Total Cost
    2. Click Cost
    3. Install Cost
    4. ROI
    5. Total Revenue


Cost & ROI Organization

Cost & ROI being displayed can be organized in many different ways in order to assist in the optimization of data visualization.

  1. From the Split By drop-down menu, Select one of the following:
    1. App
      1. App Id
      2. App Name
      3. App Version

      NOTE: In order to use the App split by feature, the desired apps must be added utilizing the filter feature. For more information about adding apps using the filter feature, refer to our Analytics Page Tools support documentation.

    2. Campaign
      1. Campaign
      2. Creative
      3. Segment
      4. Tracker
    3. Device
      1. Device Carrier Name
      2. Device Language
      3. Device Network Conn Type
      4. Device Orientation
      5. Device Os
      6. Device Os Version
      7. Device Type
      8. Device Version
    4. Events
    5. NOTE: The post-install events that are available within this section of the Split By menu are determined by the events setup for tracking. For more information about creating and configuring events, refer to our Post-Install Event Creation and Configuration support documentation.

    6. Location
      1. City
      2. Country
      3. DMA
      4. Region
      5. Zip
    7. Attribution
    8. (see iOS 14+ restrictions)

      1. Type
      2. Install Campaign
      3. Install Creative
      4. Install Matched By
      5. Install Network Name
      6. Install Site
      7. Install Tracker
      8. Matched To
      9. Matched By
      10. Network Name
      11. Network Id
      12. Network Key
      13. Partner Ad Group ID
      14. Partner Ad Group Name
      15. Partner Campaign Id
      16. Partner Campaign Name
      17. Partner Keyword
      18. Partner Platform
      19. NOTE: For more information about how the Partner fields map to SAN metadata, please refer to our SAN Networks Campaign Data Mapping support documentation.

      20. QR Code
      21. Site
    9. Agency
      1. Agency Name
      2. Agency Id
    10. Traffic Verification
      1. Traffic Verification Fail Reason
      2. Traffic Verified
  2. Locate the Desired Cost or ROI and click the Cost/ROI Expand Button.

    A. Total Cost organized by Network and Campaign
    B. Campaigns with Cost Data
    C. Mouseover Data

Organize by Interval

Intervals within the Cost & ROI display can be organized to display specific windows of time.

  1. From the Interval drop-down menu, Select one of the following:
    1. Days
    2. Weeks


    A. Intervals within date range
    B. Interval organized by Weeks
    C. Mouseover Data


Last Modified: May 7, 2021 at 10:18 am